Knights of the York Cross of Honour

Illinois Priory No. 11




Section 1.  The name of this Priory shall be Illinois Priory No. 11, Knights of the York Cross of Honour having the headquarters at Chicago in the State of Illinois.


Section 2.  The officers of this Priory shall be those designated by Section 15 General Regulations of the Convent General, Knights of the York Cross of Honour.  The Eminent Prior, Knight Deputy Prior, Knight Warder, Knight Treasurer-Registrar, Knight Prelate, Knight Orator and Knight Herald shall be elected at the Annual Conclave.


Section 3.  The stated Conclave of this Priory shall be held during the Grand York Rite Sessions.  Special Conclaves may be called by the Eminent Prior upon notice to the members.


Section 4.  The Annual Conclave and election of Officers shall be at the close of the Stated Conclave.


Section 5.  The Candidates Fee for Reception into the Priory shall be three hundred dollars ($300.00), payable in full with the petition.  Of this sum, twenty-five dollars ($25.00) shall be placed in the Life Membership Endowment Fund.  The fee shall include life membership, dinner and/or entertainment the day of the reception of the Candidate and his wife or friend and the Official Jewel Cord.  The fee for plural membership or for affiliation shall be one dollar ($1.00).


Section 6.  Annual Dues (NONE).


Section 7.  Each Prior, at the time of the Installation, shall appoint a finance committee consisting of three (3) members whose duties shall be to examine the report on the books of the Treasurer-Registrar prior to the Annual Conclave.  They shall either audit or cause the books to be audited and examine all claims for payment presented to the Priory.  All checks drawn on the Treasury of the Priory shall contain the signatures of the Treasurer-Registrar and the Eminent Prior or the Deputy Prior.



Section 8.  Unless other ordered by the Prior, the order of business at all Stated Conclaves shall be as follows:

1.      Ceremony of Reception

2.      Reading of Minutes

3.      Reading of proposals

4.      Balloting on proposals (Section No. 14)

5.      Unfinished and new business


Section 9.  The By-laws may be amended only by introducing the proposed amendment in writing at any Conclave of the Priory; which resolution shall be read, entered in the minutes, mailed to the membership and laid over to the next Annual Conclave, when it shall be acted upon and if it shall receive the two-thirds or more vote by the members present and if it is subsequently approved by the Grand Master General, it shall be declared adopted and shall become a part of these By-laws


Section 10.  The Treasurer-Registrar, prior to his installation into Office, shall furnish a bond executed by a Corporate Surety Company, authorized to do business in the State of Illinois, in the amount of ten thousand dollars ($10,000.00) payable to Illinois Priory No. 11.  The premium of said bond shall be paid by Illinois Priory No. 11.


Section 11.  Illinois Priory No. 11 shall purchase a suitable Past Prior Jewel to be presented to the retiring Eminent Prior.


Section 12.  In any year the Eminent Prior attends the Annual Conclave of the Convent General, he shall be allowed expenses in an amount not to exceed five hundred dollars ($500.00).  He shall be allowed expenses in an amount specified in the Finance Committee Report approved by the membership at the Annual Conclave to provide refreshments and/or entertainment for the members on the occasion of a Conclave called for the Reception of Candidates.


Section 13.  For his services the Treasurer-Registrar shall received expenses of one hundred twenty-five dollars ($125.00) per annum.


Section 14.  Proposed Candidates may be elected to receive an invitation to this Priory only by ballot box.  A name may be withdrawn only at the considered discretion of the Eminent Prior previous to the ballot after a verbal objection, including a valid specific reason, by a member of this Priory.  Three negative votes are required for rejection.


Section 15.  Life Membership Endowment Fund:  Only the income from the fund shall be expended by the Priory.



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